Monday, 28 April 2014


Hello there! Today we are going to talk about set building!
Basically, my set this year is going to be a basic ramp shape, so I can get a smooth and clear colour for the background of my characters! 

Above is a picture of the basic foundations that my set is built on, this was recycled from my set from last year.
(Picture below) Last year we had help from the TV and Film set design course to build our sets, so this one was actually constructed by students Emma Dorward and Megan Lambert.

So to start, I gently took the top off, and put it in a safe place.
 Now this year, the set needed to be a bit longer, so the sides were taken off and an extra couple of inches were added to each side. 

Here's a picture of my garage with all the pre-bought pieces of wood piled up!

For the new sides of the base,  A jigsaw was used to cut out a shape from a piece of MDF.

Here's what it looked like once attached. We do this in stop motion sets because we need to get under the floor of the set to 'tie down' the characters through a piece of M3 rod and a wing nut.

Another piece of MDF was then cut to fit on top of the base. This was tacked in place with nails as I used screws later on. 

Then, using the jigsaw once more, an additional two pieces of MDF were cut to support the curve.
See them at the back?
Then, on top of the curve a MASSIVE sheet of hardboard was added and screwed down. However, B&Q did not supply a size big enough for my set, so I had to add a little section on the end.
This did give a slight seam line, but once I transported this in to uni (thank god for my Dad's van) I filled in the seam with glue and polyfilla.  

I then painted it first with a white primer, and then with a blue gloss coat,
 Here's what the set looks like on camera!


See ya'll soon!

Here's Buster's pic for this post!
I call it:
 I hate you all so much right now.

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