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Today I'm going to be talking about making my character's glasses out of plastic resin, using a two part silicone mould!

Firstly, I hand sculpted the glasses' frames in Super Sculpey Firm and then baked it in the oven. Then, similarly to my plaster mould making, I 'clayed up' the sculpt using plasticine. 
For moulding keys, I used some large bolts that were hanging about in the garage, with a plastic bead on top. This would allow the two sides of the mould to fit together perfectly.

Once I boxed the mould in, I poured mould making silicone on top of the clayed up glasses and allowed it to cure.

If you'd like to try this yourself, here is a link to where I got the silicone (and most of my other model making materials) from…

Pictures are a tad scarce at this point as I was concentrating, but basically, once the first part of the mould was cured, I boxed it in once more and sprayed a silicone release agent on the first layer of silicone. Here's the spray:

I bought this from a brilliant website for any sculptors and model makers!
This spray stopped the two sides of the silicone mould from sticking to each other.
So here's the final two part mould:

I injected the mould with some plastic resin, mixed with white pigment, and here is what came out!


For the arms, I then bought some cheapy, white reading glasses from the WONDER that is POUNDLAND.

Here's a pic of the glasses (mine were white though). Using these glasses, I cut the arms off and heated them up with a lighter. I was then able to manipulate the plastic and mould it into the shape I wanted. Some extra filing and sanding and they were good to go!

Here's a pic of them stuck to the frames I made earlier 

I opted for a black frame, I thought it would look better.
The arms just needed some black spray and then they were ready to go! YAYYY

That is enough for one post!

Here's today's doggie pic:
I call it 'whut'

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