Sunday, 20 April 2014


Hey there! I have 5 minutes whilst I wait for a mould to set, so I think its time to update ya'll!
Today I will be demonstrating how I created the Blobby Blob's body mould.

Firstly, I baked my sculpt in the oven. This isn't advised as when you're creating a plaster mould as you need the subject you're moulding to be soft. However, when sculpting, I could not for the life of me get the blob's head section perfectly round when soft, so baking the sculpt allowed me to sand everything down with wet and dry paper to get a smooth finish. 

I was lucky with this design due to it's simple shape it just popped out of the plaster mould easily.

Here are a couple of images to show different stages of sanding, I also sprayed the sculpt with primer to get an even texture.

Here is the body in the process of 'claying up' 


Well here are some close ups!

I then added some injection points using the top of a syringe and a cocktail stick. 
This is where I will inject the silicone when I get on to that!

Boxing in… nice clean desk right… 

I then poured the plaster in the box.

Here's are the two sides of the blob's mould all done!

I wanted the arms and legs to fit inside the body, so to do this, I created miliput versions of the top of the arms and legs, attached to some K&S...

Below you can see what they looked like…

The theory behind this, is that when the K&S and miliput is removed, there will be perfectly shaped holes for the arms and legs to just slot into! YAY!

It worked! and here's the final thing! Hadn't cleaned up the seam lines here, but you get the idea!

That's enough for ONE POST!

From now on, I am also going to end each one of my posts with a picture of my dog.

Here's todays!

I call it 'ehh?'

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