Sunday, 27 April 2014


YO YO! Today I'll be talking about making the body of my Tortoise character!

Above is the very early roughed out sculpt for the body. Also, by this time, I'd created a basic shell out of balsa wood. The idea for this design is that I'd only sculpt the body down to the chest, as we won't see his torso at all in the animation! 
No point making things that aren't seen!

Above and to the right are images of the sculpt being a bit more finalised, this was not the final sculpt however, after I took a little break from sculpting, I realised that he looks like he's been hitting the gym a bit too much, so I decided to make him a bit less muscled. 
Also, the intention with the top of the neck was for it to work like a ball and socket joint, however I thought this design would not work effectively, so I changed it slightly, and also added a new joint coming out of the top of the neck, rather than the K&S that you see in this picture.

Here's the final sculpt all clayed up. I decided to make the hands replaceable, but use the same mould.
This was simply to save time, as If I made a separate mould for the hands it would just double the work load.
 I  would normally recommend the hands and body to be done separately, but for me, this worked effectively, and seeing as at uni you're constantly against the clock!

As always, I painted and poured plaster onto of this clayed up sculpt, and I came out with this!

Here's the first part of the plaster mould with plasticine shapes added on top. This is so when the second half of the mould gets created, there will be holes (where the plasticine was) to prize the two halves apart with.

I then padded out the ball and socket armature that goes inside the body and applied the silicone inside the mould (in the same way as shown in the previous 'Leg Mould' post, shown here:

Here's the result when I opened the mould!

I then took the subjects out of the mould and trimmed the seamlines, and created a very basic head to go on top. Here's the body and the basic head (don't judge the head sculpt, it was just a test!!!)
Anyway, more on the final head sculpt next time!

And as always, Here's this post picture of Buster!

I call it 'cute little demon puppy'

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