Sunday, 14 April 2013

I 'broke the mould' making this one... Lol jokes the mould is fine.


Nah its fine don't worry
Anyways when we left off I was babblin' on about armatures. so next, I thought I'd show you my miniature girl.

As I said before, there's a couple scenes that show a hill with a little girl on top. So to save me making another full armature with clothes and all that, I decided to make this hill scene in miniatures.  
So here I go:

Firstly I sculpted a design of the little girl on top of the miniature armatures made previously
She's shown below:

She's only being seen from the back 3/4s so the sculpt of her face wasn't too important, for this, i just need a readable silhouette of a girl, I think It works...

Next the claying up.
I rolled out a sheet of plaster scene with a rolling pin...

I then cut out her basic shape in the plasticene and plonked her in.

Carefully, I clayed her up so she was half submerged in the plasticise. This would give me the one part of the mould.

I added moulding keys also :)

I then boxed her in ready to pour plaster on her...

I then got prepped for making plaster. with a checklist of things I needed:

  • Clayed up and boxed in sculpt 
  • Cup of water  
  •  Cup of plaster (in this case, a Marmite lunchbox) 
  •  A whisk 
  •  A mat, to stop mess! 
  •  Extra plasticene in case of leakages 
  •  Bravery 
  •  Courage 
  •  Patience

I then made the plaster, poured it and then waited for it to set.
I unboxed the mould and removed the clay to find One part of my mould!

I cleaned things up and then added more shapes around the sculpt so I could remove the two parts of the mould easily when using sticky silicone

I then boxed her in again, placed the K&S where I needed a hole for the swing and then poured some more plaster on top

And here are the two parts of my mould! waahooo!

I then filled the mould up with black silcone (as she'll be as a silhouette)

However, the final didn't come out as planned, and I've run out of silicone now, so I'll upload a pic when I've made a version i'm 'happy' with.

Over and out

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