Sunday, 14 April 2013

Oooh! Where've you been?

HA! Where have I been?

Makin' stuff thats where!

Sorry for the lack of any posts my sixteen followers :( I get so into working, I forget I have to show it on the interweb now and again, so now it is my mission to tell you what's been happening!

Well, when we left off I was saying stuff about Green Screen Mirrors and Maquettes and stuff, so next, I went on to the armatures for my puppets :)

First off, I designed the Boy's armature...
Once this was all Digitally created, I got some K&S brass tubing and marked out what I needed for my armature!

Then I cut all this out, shown below...

To get a nice finish on the K&S I file the insides and outsides with a small file, This also helps with the longevity of the armature as filing away any rough edges will prevent the wire running through it wearing down or snapping.
This project I also used some wet and dry sandpaper to get that extra nice finish, It made the insides much smoother and hopefully it will help give me a couple more seconds of animating time.

Let the filing commence!

My character wears socks on his feet, and he has a little bobble on the end of his toe, so to make this animatable, I ran a some thin wire out of the 'toe' and sculpted a little miliput bobble on the tip.

I'll sculpt around this in clay next, to eventually make a silicone mould, which will be covered in the sock fabric (hopefully!) 

Close up of the hand armature, Here I cut out a strip of aluminium sheet with some metal scissors, and drilled a small hole in the wrist, I then ran some wire into this hole and hand twisted it to make the wrist bendable, using some more thin wire, I made some fingers and stuck it all together using epoxy glue.

These are the smallest hands I've ever made, so its a bit worrying when I coming to sculpting, but it'll be ok! 

finished armature with no padding or steel for the feet!

Now, I have a couple of scenes in my film with a hill outside in a window. here we see a little girl playing on a swing.
Now, to save on the work load, I've planned to make this girl at half the size of the full animating size.
so Here's her armature plan...

However, at this time, I had not really thought about how I would tackle this, all I knew is that she'd need a bit of K&S to attach her to her swing.

It took a couple of attempts, and I tried a whole bunch of different ways of making the armature, from using washers, solid miliput these hand armature things I found in the stop mo room. aluminium sheet just stuck to some wire...

But in the end I came up with my own solution...

My solution, was to get some tiny little pieces of K&S, and then drill these little tiny holes into the top with a dremel. 
Shown below...

I then twisted some thin wire to the size of my armature plan,  and inserted into the holes I drilled perviously, 

I then glued everything in position and then I was done!

My boy character is also being seen on the hill, so I have to make him at half size too!
So for the armature plan, I simply shrunk down the original full sized plan seen at the top of this post, and then edited it, so it fitted the purpose.

I did the same as I did with the girl armature for the boy, so I won't bore you anymore.

But anyways! thats some armature work done.
It took way longer than expected... so now on to everything else I have to do!

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