Tuesday, 26 February 2013


As my set idea is a bit more complex than an ordinary one, (I have to create a mirror that is in a
 different time) I created a Google Sketch-up design of what I envisioned it would look like. 
I'm planning making a Green Screen mirror, animating one side (1999 version), taking away the green screen, then animating the other side, (2026 version) and then blending them together with after effects in post production.

Looking at my sketch-up set, I decided to make a little card mock up, to see if this idea was actually do-able...

I then set up my camera, (not a very good one) and recorded myself mucking about with a silicone hand just for a test. One video for one side of the mirror, and another for the other side!

Check them out below...

I then composed them together using After Effects...
This isn't the final look for the mirror, its a very rough test. 
I'm going to have some help actually designing a texture that will relemble a mirror, maybe with a couple of hand smudges?

Mirror Tests from Sean Gregory on Vimeo.

On to production!


Next on the agenda, is the production of my short film 'Mirror Image'
Now, to start, I took my expression sheets for my character (from pre production) and tried to translate that into a sculpt. (just to get some basic ideas of scale etc...)

Here is what I worked from...

 From these sketches, I created a basic wire armature (with the aid of a couple of one pence pieces for a chest and hips)

To start I sculpted a head, trying to get the likeness and personality of my character, this came out alright, but the hair is not what it will look like in the final film.

Sculpted in Super Sculpey Firm. with a hard foam core and beads from my girlfriend's bracelet that 'accidentally' broke.


 I then sculpted a body (in plasticine) on to the wire armature.

(P.s: I used plasticine to save on wasting expensive Sculpey)

(P.p.s: I used sculpey on the head because I can sculpt better with it, and it needed more detail. :) )

So yeah, once I achieved this, I had more of an idea of what my armature will look like and I have a better understanding of the character now :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Some Background Concepts

Here are some background concepts for my to-be short film.
Mirror Image. 

Girl outside on a swing in 1990

In my story, we are introduced to a young girl who lives next door, and we get the understanding that the main little boy character has a crush on her. (a crush she's oblivious to)
 To keep the armature making to a doable amount, I've decided to introduce this little girl in a silhouette kinda form.
She'll look like this out of the window, swinging on a swing.

Below is the view of the girl's swing in the future, obviously, she's grown up and moved away saddening the main character...

Below is an alternate view of the hill in the future with main character with the girl (obviously grown up now)
at the moment this is no longer featuring, as there is no room in the story. :(

An angle on some props with the mirror in the little boy's front room,

More Developiness!

Still designing, I went on to do a sculpt and paint over it on Photoshop,
He looks pretty freaky because I used a grey clay so when I painted on top it just looked weird,
But anyways, It gives you the idea, the final dude doesn't look like this anywho, its just something I wanted to do to get an idea of what I wanted :) 

I did some designs for a little girl that also will be featuring in my short film...
Pencil and digital... 

 I also did a couple stylistic props that I'll be eventually making to scatter around the set of the little boy's house

Pretty Colours!

On to Major Project!

Now onto my Major Project!

For my final project for 2nd year animation, From now to the end of the year we have to design a 90 second short film from scratch, So to start off, I had to think of an idea...

So basically, my idea is about a young boy who comes home from school one day, looks into a mirror and he sees himself, but in 25 YEARS TIME!


Thats all I'm gonna say at the moment, but, here are some visuals that I've created to illustrate my idea :)

Firstly, after researching, I drew up some character ideas

Just a digital paint over a drawing to try and get a 3d kinda look

Some more digital stuff on pencil sketches

I kinda did some school badge ideas, so when I make the little kid, I can print these out on some transferable paper, and then iron it on some fabric! 

Without further ado, Here is 'Stalking You!'

After many attempts on uploading it to Vimeo, I have (kind of) succeeded on getting this online!

This is what I've been doing recently in Uni.
 If you haven't looked at any previous posts on this blog, I've been planning and making a short little character piece based on a sound clip from a film.

When you watch, turn HD on, it looks better :)

Vimeo is still playing up though, so it looks a tad out of sync, but I figured, I'm not gonna get it any better than this, Vimeo will not allow it, so without further ado, here's... 

Stalking You...

Thoughts and comments are appreciated! 

Making Of Below...