Sunday, 17 February 2013

On to Major Project!

Now onto my Major Project!

For my final project for 2nd year animation, From now to the end of the year we have to design a 90 second short film from scratch, So to start off, I had to think of an idea...

So basically, my idea is about a young boy who comes home from school one day, looks into a mirror and he sees himself, but in 25 YEARS TIME!


Thats all I'm gonna say at the moment, but, here are some visuals that I've created to illustrate my idea :)

Firstly, after researching, I drew up some character ideas

Just a digital paint over a drawing to try and get a 3d kinda look

Some more digital stuff on pencil sketches

I kinda did some school badge ideas, so when I make the little kid, I can print these out on some transferable paper, and then iron it on some fabric! 

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