Sunday, 17 February 2013

Some Background Concepts

Here are some background concepts for my to-be short film.
Mirror Image. 

Girl outside on a swing in 1990

In my story, we are introduced to a young girl who lives next door, and we get the understanding that the main little boy character has a crush on her. (a crush she's oblivious to)
 To keep the armature making to a doable amount, I've decided to introduce this little girl in a silhouette kinda form.
She'll look like this out of the window, swinging on a swing.

Below is the view of the girl's swing in the future, obviously, she's grown up and moved away saddening the main character...

Below is an alternate view of the hill in the future with main character with the girl (obviously grown up now)
at the moment this is no longer featuring, as there is no room in the story. :(

An angle on some props with the mirror in the little boy's front room,

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