Sunday, 28 October 2012

Character Project

Woo first proper post!

Righty, for the last two weeks in uni we've been designing characters for a sound clip from a past competition on 11 Second Club 

I've chosen to design an old man, I'm not going to say what the idea is, because it relies on shock value I think, so when I actually animate it, it should make you laugh :L 

But yeah, here are some designs of what I was thinking, I want him to be a wealthy, annoying old man, wearing horse riding clothing. He's really just full of himself, but the only thing that scares or makes him act differently is the concept of death! mwhahahaaaa

Here are some initial digital cutout ideas for my character.
They were simple to make, just got some textures from good ol' Google 
*ahem* I mean I took my own pictures...
and then I just cut them out into the shapes I wanted using the Pen Tool 


Three stages of drawing my final character:

Now to transfer it into an armature suitable for Stop mo!

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