Sunday, 28 October 2012

Thanky You Malvern Armatures.

Yesterday I received some magnetic feet for my armature from this lovely site, 

I bought four of these lovelies, and they work incredibly well for my feet! 

They sell a selection of Human, Gorilla and Dog Armatures

 Ordered on Thursday night, came on Saturday morning!

Once delivered by PARCEL FORCE, I cut the metal down to make them a little smaller and slanted on the toe,
making it easier to fit under the shoe, (Usually Malvern Armatures provide this service and more when sending these feet blocks as they are intended for ball and socket Armatures.
As my idea was a bit different, I asked to have them with nothing done to them, AWESOME SERVICE!)
 I then cut four K&S pieces to shape so that I could run the twisted aluminium wire.
I then filed and sanded down the magnetic feet blocks, glued the K&S to them and then eventually glued the wire through the two. 

Ta Dahh!

Malvern Armatures
4 Hawthorn Lane
Telephone: 01684 562872
Mobile: 07813 702 042

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