Friday, 2 November 2012

More Riggedy Rigging Points!

Hello There!
  After a talk with Martin, one of the tutors at uni, We came to the conclusion of 'THE ARMATURE NEEDS A BETTER RIGGING POINT'

So here are some little piccys of what I've done, this wasn't part of the armature plan, but what the hey, Its all learning for next time!

 Padding out the armature's chest piece
with harm foam,

Here I have carved out the inside of the foam so my armature fits inside all warm and snuggly 
Armature covered in foam! 
To make things a bit more sturdy on the feet I applied a layer of
Miliput over the K&S and metallic foot block
Tah Daaaah!
(More or less Final) Armature with hard foam added

Now on to the sculpting of the hands, boots and the head!

Stay Tuned.

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