Sunday, 28 October 2012

Replaceable Joints?

Notches on the neck joint.

Just before gluing all the parts needed for my armature, I had to create replaceable legs, arms, wrists, neck and rigging points. 
To do this I used a smaller section of K&S, glued the wire inside at the correct length and inserted it into a larger K&S bar. I then created a little notch using the tip of a file and a hammer. This then holds the smaller K&S within the larger, and also makes a satisfying popping sound when taken apart!

                                                                       Notched hip block.
                                              See the little notches on the top?
Once every replaceable joint was notched, I glued everything that needed gluing.
Here it is so far without any feet
Look at dem notches!

That silver metal used for the chest piece is a sheet of Aluminium I bought.
Usually I use pennies, but my design didn't really support that, so, I used some aluminium, its lighter, larger...
but sadly.. costs more than a penny :(

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