Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Mould Making.

Hello once again audience, when we left off, I was crying over my character's head that I spent ages sculpting that just got destroyed by the firey depths of my oven, 
But now its time...

In Stop Mo, we make moulds to re-create stuff over and over again, so we can make exact replicas of things like hands, shoes, heads and even whole bodies of our characters.
 Firstly, I started with the shoes, (sculpted previously)

Yay! a nice mould of some boots! simple as peas!

The hands are done in a slightly different method to the shoes, and this is called, a 'two part mould'
firstly, to make one part, you build up around the hand in clay like so...

Then box in, similar to the shoes...

OHH Surprise surprise! another disaster!
First pair of hands I made, so they aint gon' be perfec yo 

I then boxed the sculpt up again, and poured some more plaster on top to get the second part of the mould.
(Shown below)

One hand went wrong, so all I had to do, was make it all again from scratch and then not mess it up again.

Did someone say Déjà vu?

Claying Up...

I've skipped the next process of making the second part of the mould, its just repetitive! 
So here are the two finished parts of my first hand moulds

          Duh Duh Duh Daaaahhh!

I think you'll find this post quite...

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