Sunday, 30 December 2012


Hello to my eleven followers! 
As you see below, I haven't posted any new stuff in approx 5 million years. 

I'm gonna post some things!
Where we left off, I'd just sculpted my hands and everything was going well, 

I'm presenting my work in a slightly different format in these next couple of posts as this is how they were handed into uni. 

So then, On to the shoesies for my old guy!

Open up the pictures for a description of the process!

After the boots were done and dusted...
I went on to the head... Here's how I tried and (as you'll find out later) failed.

After I sculpted the shape I wanted out of the hard blue foam for my guy's head, I made a little block of wood with a posable wire attached so I could lay 'Super Sculpey Firm' clay on top of the head and avoid constant handling.  

Then, I made a little block of sculpey for the eyes to go into.
I bought some beads from the very manly shop Claire's Accessories, and then pressed them into a soft piece of sculpey, so there was a nice dip for them to move around in.
I then baked the clay.
To the left is the eye block inserted into the head.

After a couple hours of sculpting I got this unfinished head above...

To the left: The finished back of the head.

Right: Finished front with no eyes. and no mouth/forehead (being done in plasterscene and replaceable)

Yet another disaster!

Once the finished head was ready for baking, I put it in the oven, and within about 3 minutes this happened!

The foam underneath had sort of melted/expanded and then cracked the sculpey on top 
This was obviously horrible If you're working toward a deadline, so I just started again, from scratch, used a more heat resistant foam (that i'd used in first year) and cooked it on a lower heat,

Pictures of the final head will appear shortly :)   

Mistakes are good!

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