Sunday, 1 June 2014


Hello, its been a while!

Basically, since last time, I finished my characters, HERE THEY ARE!!

I also started animating my film, had my final hand in of University, did some work experience for the brilliant RASTAMOUSE T.v series, created a showreel containing some of my shots from said film, got nominated for the 'Best Stop Mo' category in my University's awards show, didn't win, but got a lot of amazing feedback from some very inspirational people. 
We then had a networking event after the show, and everyone was being really really complimentary, which is a lovely thing to happen! I was so flattered!

Here's a pic of the networking event!

Also, I printed off 50 business cards and I now have 4…


Anyways, I shall be uploading my showreel soon! So keep an eye out!!

But for now, here are some stills to wet your animationy appetite!

I was also lucky enough to have my work displayed in the university's graduate show. This year the theme was 'Flourish'.

SO anyway, My puppets and set were put up whilst all our year's work was shown on a big screen/around the room.

Here's my work on the wall!

And here's my puppets and set in the show. Right under the projector! AHH

Shameless self promotion at its finest!

We then moved the characters to a glass cabinet for the weekend!

AWH They're friends really!

Here's James' and George's puppets in the case too!

Yay! See you soon everyone! Showreel next!

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