Saturday, 15 March 2014


Sut wyt ti?
Rydw i'n mynd i siarad Cymraeg ar gyfer y swydd hon!
neu fy mod i?
As you may know, I've been sculpting away trying to make a character resemble my drawlings!
So let's start off with the blob dude!
Feel like he should be called Steve… Don't know why.
Using the pre-made armature as a core, I started to apply Super Sculpey Firm, building up the shape and form and what have you.

Here are two images of the sculpt in progress. The arms were pretty much finished here, but the body and the legs needed more refining.

Originally, The character was just going to be one complete sculpt that uses only one mould…  But after a talk with my tutor, we decided that I should make the character's components separately so they could be replaceable, eventually making it easier when animating. (Just incase anything breaks or what have you!)

So after I was happy with the arms and hands, I started to half-submerge them in clay to create a plaster mould of them. This allows me to make endless pairs of arms and hands!

Here are some images of the both sides of the finished plaster mould.
My Tutor was pretty happy with these! I've had some compliments about my moulds recently, so that makes me very happy!

Happy Tutors + Friends =  Happy Sean!

After the mould was done, I started to apply a first layer of silicone. This is to assure that the armature underneath does not touch the plaster mould. If that did happen, the armature would be poking out of the hand/arm!
And we can't have that now can we!?!

After letting the silicone cure for 16-24 hours, I started to fill the mould with more silicone, encasing the armature inside, I placed the mould together, let it cure and this is what it came out like!
I'm happy with the seam lines! Then, all I did to remove these seam lines was rub it with a little sand paper and vaseline and they were more or less gone! (No pictures sorry! I'll upload some another time!)
Just to make sure they were gone though, I then mixed some more silicone and with a fine paint brush I applied a top layer onto the hand and arm. I let the excess drip and fall off and I was left with no seam lines what so ever! 

Above you can see the mould for the feet. The footsies were created in exactly the same way as the arms and hands, so I won't bother you with all that rubbish!

To the left, To the left are the leg armatures. As you may notice, the ball and socket joint is covered in PTFE tape to stop any silicone getting in there and stopping it from moving properly.

Here's how they came out like! Not as good and the arms, but ya know! Can't win em all!

 Finally, here's the character (with finished arms and legs) in the process of sculpting the body. More posts on the body mould soon!
I think the background of these pictures sum up my life when I'm puppet making. Clay, Lighter fluid, Paranorman books and twigletts.

Over and out.


roger roger roger.

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