Friday, 13 December 2013



I'm on my FINAL 3rd year project now! Well I say that… Been doing it for a couple weeks now. But I've been soooo busy with my new harmonica/acapella band that I haven't even blogged about it. You know how it is.

Normality never seems to strike me. Ever. So in HOMAGE to this fact, this year I'm going to do a story about a Tortoise and a Blob trying to get a job.
I like the word homage.
Thats my new word of the day.

So even despite almost failing to keep my harmonica/accapella band going, (we've had a couple of drop outs sadly :( ) I have actually got round to doing some development work for my next project.

Above is a lil tiny visual of what it may look like!

or here's an alternate design…

Ooh look at him!

Well thats all for today! Short post! Just thought I'd let the internet know! Its like 2:45am so I should shut up really.
I'm working through an animatic/storyboard at the mo, so to sum up, I think I've had progress, with a hint of disappointment with this harmonica/acapella band, but overall, I hopefully know what I'm doing :)

By the way, I don't really have a harmonica/acapella band, I just want to know if anyone reads this rubbish.

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