Monday, 27 May 2013

This project is costing me an arm and a leg!

Now, Moving on to the arms and legs...                                             Firstly, I sculpted in Super Sculpey Firm on top of my armature to make some nice little arms and legs (I've lost the pics of the arms, SORRRY)   I then 'Clayed up' the sculpts with the same process seen in my previous post about the minature silicone girl I made.                                             Here are some pictures!

 After making the moulds, I mixed some silicone with oil paint and catalyst and painted in the first layer...

This was then left for 24 hours to cure!

After a day went by, I chucked a load of silicone in the mould, shown above, squashed the armature in then I clamped two parts of the mould together. (Shown Below!)

This is what they came out like, I was quite pleased!

Just a bit of snipping and filing down, and they were good to go!

High Five!